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"absolutely gorgeous....a beautiful soundtrack to self-reflection and of course, dancing." -


released August 13, 2013

GANGPLANS is Wargo and Tiger

Steffaloo (Los Angeles)
Jamuel Saxon (San Diego)
Gina Rodriguez (Los Angeles)
Jayount (Chino Hills)
Type Stereo (Los Angeles)
Unravel (Budapest)
Enjoyed (UK)

Album art by Maurizio Bongiovanni

"Bust the Way You Were" Music Video by Jonas Börjesson:


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Gangplans Los Angeles, California

We are a production duo / band based out of Echo Park and Lake Arrowhead. We also manage a fantasy football team, trade investment tips, and ride bikes together to the local farmers market.

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Track Name: Like We Never Have (feat. Steffaloo)

I cannot wait for your reasons
This treason is par for the crown
Thunder is only half the warmth
When I can't find you around

Feeling it kicking and pulling
Pollution just ain't that bad
Why don't we all just go out in the rain
And dance like we never have

Size in full, sighs in full

Those woes you're feeling could end
That's no fun, rather kick it
No surprises, know the rules
Don't discuss what's bugging you

If you were my stars
If you were my sunshine
A bright star
The sky

Let me talk that way
Like we did before
That's right darling
Let's do it again
I got to go
Track Name: Jam Raw (feat. Jamuel Saxon & Gina Rodriguez)

Gotta get thru to you
To make it jam raw

Can't put to ease this small crime
Lord knows just how much it will weigh
Try and find a piece of my mind
Where the soul lives alone

Don't let it enter
We will anyway
We won't want it
It's just for you okay

[Gina Rodriguez]
I swear
To be back in your harm
This is something where we can not stray
Bound to happen to the rest someday

Said you're gonna show up
Said that you were not allowed
Better make your mind up
I'm tired of the crowd

And when you enter
Push the kids away
They will not care
It's just for your display
Track Name: Fluff (feat. Jayount & Type Stereo)

He's got you on the side
I can tell that he's your lover
Not much I can do about that
I can you better
I can do it all summer

I don't wanna feel this way without you

I call you on the fly cuz you know I got your number
Not that I would waste your minutes up
As much as I would hate to leave you on the phone
It's probably for the best
Cuz I'm a mess
Track Name: Sunshine DYK (feat. Enjoyed)
I want to be in the sunshine.
Don't you know I want to be wherever you go.

You know, you gotta get up
You gotta get down, before you come inside